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International Festival of Contact & Tango 10th Edition
Save the date: 4. Juli 16:00 – 9. Juli 15:00 2023

Schloss Beichlingen – Thüringen

ContacTango Workshop mit Cacu und Gaby
A workshop deepening, connecting and researching the wide range of resources in Contact Improvisation and Tango, floating from on into the other. Cacu and Gaby picking out themes by example like embrace, easy talking legs, different qualities of dance in both forms, axis – out of axis and playing with sequences. Entering from diverse directions, physical research and playfulness the access and share their own research in more than 20 years of body dialogue.
Level is open, but more easy, if you have a slight idea of at least one of the dance forms. Teaching languae will be english, translation possible.
We have daily 5 hours of diving into the dance plus „Schöner Freitag Tango“ on friday evening, optional Tango (Cafe ADA) or open space for Bodywork/Jamilionga with workshop participants and Contact Jam o sunday
Full Weekend: including Tango evening and Contact Jam: 150,-€/reduced price 130,-€
only Workshop: 125,-€/100,-€
Cacu Lucero, born in Mar del Plata, by the sea. For more than twenty years, he has been teaching, dancing and developing his own way of teaching tango, paying close attention to musicality, dynamics and possibilities.  Contact Impro and „Expresion Corporal dance“ had been present also in the last 14 years, making a strong influence in his dancing perspective.
?In 2011 started togheter with Roxana Umpierr developing „tango experimental“ wich later was unified and renamed as Tangocontact. A research that is in constant development.
He has  given tangocontact and tango lessons in several European and Latin American countries, as well as numerous cities in Argentina. He has also taken part in international tango festivals both in Argentina and Europe. In addition,  He has  taught Tangocontact in Contact Improvisation festivals.
He is also one of the organizers of the International TAngocontact festivals, that takes part in Mar del Plata, Argentina. Next year will be the 6th edition.
let’s Enjoy the dance, for real. Be the dance, among to your partners, the music and any small detail. Let’s remember what are we dancing for, beyond styles, esthetic and superficial things.

24062016_087AERIAL DANCE
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Regelmässige Kurse:
Ort: Resonanzraum Wuppertal, Brunnenstr.24, Hinterhaus

Zeitgenössischer Tanz:
Montags 18.15h – 19.45h
Montags 20.00h – 21.30h ab 17.10.

Listening Body:
Embodiment inspired by BMC
Mittwochs 18.15h – 19.45h

Contact Improvisation:
Mittwochs 20.00h – 21.45h  Wuppertal – Schnupperstunde/Quereinstieg jederzeit Möglich. Bitte kündigt Euch kurz vorher an.

Contact Improvisation:
Donnerstags 10.30-12.00h Wuppertal – Schnupperstunde/Quereinstieg jederzeit Möglich. Bitte kündigt Euch kurz vorher an.

Contact Improvisation, Contemporary Dance, Improvisation, Tango, Contact Tango
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