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24062016_087Aerial Dance booking
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regular class contact improvisation: wednesday 20.00-21.30h

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Contactjam in Düsseldorf

Contact – Jam im Düsseldorf:

bauverein 7.3.08 090
11.02. – 16h Tanzhaus NRW
18.03. – 16h Tanzhaus NRW
29.04. – 16h Tanzhaus NRW
20.05. – 16h Tanzhaus NRW
17.06. – 16h Tanzhaus NRW
if you know some musicians – bring them – kids welcome – friends and friend-friends, too. You can bring your favourite dance-music … and most important pleasure and fun.costs: 3,-€ for the dance space

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Contact with grown ups and kids

Jam and Introclass

Professional Dance Training

1.-5.7. ; 10.30-12h; 6,-€/class

place: Tanzhaus NRW, Erkratherstr. 30, 40233 Düsseldorf


Aerial Dance
Mai Infos follow

holyday journeys

Contact Improvisation with adults + kids/exchange


Contact Improvisation with adults + kids/Seminar

12.-18. + 19.-25. 10.

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