Festival Teachers 2012

Festival Lehrer

Leilani Weis (Rome)

Leilani Weis has been involved in teaching and researching Contact Improvisation since 1998 and Tango since 2001. She has been developing and researching ContacTango Technical principals for the last 7 years.  She creates movement performance pieces with her company Central de Movimiento and creates Contact Improvisation events with Lunaticontact in Amelia, Italy. She is also organizing the new ItalyContactFest starting in may 2013.

She has taught and performed in Latin America, USA and across Europe.  Together  with Javier Cura she created and performed “los otros nosotros”, a dance/theater piece based on the vocabulary of ContacTango.

Tango and Contact Improvisation are two forms of improvisation that have many points in common, but also different points of views. The one supports the other in a creative and technical process.

Jost Budde (Düsseldorf)

gehört zu den Pionieren der Europäischen Tangoszene. Mitte der Achtziger Jahre weckte ein selbstchoreografiertes modernes Tanzsolo zu Musik von Astor Piazzolla sein Interesse am Tango Nuevo und dem traditionellem Tango aus Buenos Aires.

Er organisiert jedes Jahr ein großes internationales Tangofestival im tanzhaus nrw Düsseldorf, gründete das Teatro Tango Tanztheater, die Tangoschule Düsseldorf und wirkte in zahlreichen Tanz und Theaterproduktionen. Improvisation und Performancekunst interessieren ihn aktuell am meisten.

Mareike Focken (Düsseldorf)

entdeckte Tango Argentino 2006 durch Zufall in Tiflis durch die Begegnung mit offenherzigen und kommunikationsfreudigen Tangotänzern, die zu einem exzessiven Tangorausch führten. Der Spaß am Tanzen und die verspielte Kreativität ist bis heute die treibende Kraft für die anhaltende Begeisterung geblieben.

Mareike und Jost

 teilen seit 2007 die Freude am gemeinsamen tanzen und unterrichten von Tango Argentino. Ihr Tanzen zeichnet sich aus durch undogmatischen Spaß, fließende, organische Bewegungen und Kommunikation pur. Im Unterricht vermitteln Sie die mit lustvollem Forscherdrang entschlüsselten Bewegungsprinzipien des Tango. Sie ermöglichen sofort die Freiheit zur Improvisation. Seit 2011 arbeiten Mareike und Jost mit Gaby Koch in einem Performance Trio.

Tobias Funke and Natasha Russo (Hamburg)

Tobias and Natascha bring together Tango Nuevo, improvisation, and Contact Improvisation. We always focus on variations in dance, the connection to the dance partner and the music. For us that is the key for dynamic and joyful dancing. With this background we love to go with you on a playful journey of discovery and reach a new dimensions. www.2tanz.de 

Markus Hoft (Bremen)

Studied dance at Moving Arts/Köln and Scottish School of Contemporary Dance/ Dundee (SSCD). Teaching since 1999 New Dance/ Contactimprovisation. Performing in Germany, UK, Poland, Israel. Also choreografing for his own company “fooldance company”. From 2009 teaching contact-tango in Bremen with Tobias Funke and Steffi Adler. Also Yoga/Pilates teacher and leading “theater kreatür” -actiontheater based perfomance group.

Gabriele Koch (Wuppertal)

Gabriele Koch has been working for 15 years as a free-lance dancer, choreographer and teacher. She begun dancing Tango Argentino in 2003 and started teaching a combination she called Contango in 2006 in her area, Berlin and Moscow.

Her interest is in the communication between the dancers, the qualities of dancing and the depth of physical understanding, as well as the expression on stage. Gabriele is organizer of the 1st festival of contact improvisation and tango in Wuppertal. www.dance-fields.de

Adriana Pegorer

Born in Italy, where she competed as an athlete, she moved to the UK in 1995 and graduated in Dance & Related Arts at Chichester University in 2001.

Intensively trained with Thomas Kampe (Contact Improvisation), Masaki Iwana (butoh), Carlos Gavito (tango) she also took various workshops with Rick Nodine, K.J. Holmes, Deborah Hay, Pablo Veron and Katsura Kan amongst many others and in recent years trained mainly at Independent Dance (London).

Adriana Pegorer started to learn both Tango and Contact Improvisation in 1996 and taught her first workshop in the fusion of tango with Contact Improvisation in 1999 at the Islington Arts Centre (London). She gave TangoContact demos with Robert Anderson in 2003 in London (Dome, Creative Swing, Welsh Centre) and with Edwin Adkins in 2005 in New York. Two shows followed with Dylan Elmore and Winifred Burnet Smith (2006-2008). Tango Release was formed in 2009 with the aim to include also release based techniques principles  www.adagioconbrio.co.uk,


Nata Cat Postscriptum (Moscow)

“In the last two years all my thoughts and feelings have been revolving around contact improvisation (CI) and tango. When I started CI in 2009, I opened up to a new world: a world that developed the body, movement, awareness, dance and joy. All these are only words but in the background are my own ways in which I try to open to others. For me tango is not a “dance of passion”: it’s much more!

It’s the way one really see=listen=feel=know=be with the other person in the moment of dancing, here and now, like in contact improvisation. So I use the CI approach to explore what there is inside tango and use CI architecture to work with the body. I like to dance tango. I like to dance contact. And I really like to mix them!” http://contactango.ru

Sabine Rohde (Copenhagen)

Sabine Rohde has been involved with tango for almost 30 years (dancing both roles and anything in between) working and performing with Pepito Avellaneda, Graciela Gonzalez, Gustavo Naveira and Ezequiel Farfaro among others. She learnt from musicians such as Alfredo Marcucci, Alejandro Sancho, Hugo Diaz and Ciro Perez.

In addition to have experience in Contact Improvisation, Modern Dance and Horsemanship/ Ridingtherapy she is also a Qualified Feldenkrais Practitioner and worked with Jerry Karzen, Ruthy Alon and Carl Ginsberg. Her approach investigates neuromuscular patterns, choosing new ways of moving while increasing sensitivity and improving efficiency, working with tools grounded in self-discovery and movement enquiry.

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