Aerial Dance

Aerial Dance Workshop

Swinging, turning, flying – dancing in three dimensions: this workshop builds a way to create dances in the air.

Saved by climbing harnesses, we start to learn security issues and the basic techniques, how to move in the rope. There are the possibilities of free flying, spiraling, turning, being upside down. There is the option to move on the wall which includes walking, running, jumping, flips, salto etc.

Every class will be started by an intense warm up, which is based on contemporary dance and partner work to prepare the body for the flight. We discover the strength from the center and the connections in the body which is helpful for the aerial work.

Playing with different options, being solo or as a duet in the rope, on the wall or free flying, we will find our favored form. In this we find a theme, a character or music to start working it, on the floor and the air back and forth leading into the performance-quality.

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