Lehrer 2013

Jost Budde

found his way to Tango in the 80th influences by the music of and contemporary dance jumping righjt into the very early creative and experimental forms of the just retuning passion in europe to the couple dance.  From the beginning he was searching on stage for a connevtion between Tango and other forms of presentation like action, contemporary dance and improvisation. The research, to find a place for Contact tango as a social dance between Jam and Milonga is a new challenge.

Jost Budde: Turns and Soltadas – Releasing and refinding of the embrace, playful, light and complex

My most favrite aspect is the playfulness in Tango and Contact Improvisation, the lightness, flow and especially the embrace and the pulse of the music, improvising and not knowing what happens next, the sensitive listening and waiting for each other. Das offene aufeinander Warten in der Bewegung.  In this workshop we will engage on turns from Tango and the finding, disolving, refinding of the embrace. The pulse of the music, physical and psycological attraction are opening spaces for experimentation to discover the intersection between Tango and Contact Improvisation.  Which impulse effects what? How do timing and dynamic influence structure and flow? How do I know, when I can dance soltadas, sacadas, ganchos oder boleos in turns?

Tobias Funke

intensively danced Tango Argentine for years before he added Contact Improvisation as a great source of new possibilities. Together with Markus Hoft and Stephanie Adler he gave regular Contango training in Bremen, organized Tango Maratons and set up a Tango school together with Natascha Russo. Now he focuses on intense workshops and dance performance creating relaxed and harmonic interaction. Find dance vita and videos at www.2tanz.de/tobias.html

teaching issue: body and partner awereness

Peter Krempelsetzer

born 1964, studied movement theatre at Scuola Dimitri (CH) including dance and improvisation. He develops Contango since 2007 in munich and guides regular Contango-Milongas. In his stage productions he works as a performer boundary transending between theatre, music and dance. His special interest is in improvisation as a independent artform. Peter lives in munich, where he was founding the ImproArt school of improvisation. He is teaching Contact Impro, Contango, theatre improvisation, dancetheatre and performance.

More about his teaching and background:
teaching: www.improart.de
performing: www.comtesse-co.de, www.freefishing.de

Contango „Munich-Style“

A creative, sensual Contango-Stil mainly in upright embrace with a soft weightexchange. Can be easily danced in classical Milongas.

Peters teaching is playful. He offers adventurous Tango dancers new impulses and opens an easy acces to enter in Tango for beginners without experience.

Lydia Müller

is a professional dancer and dance teacher based in Amsterdam,NL. She did the 4 years study program in Contemporary dance at Codarts, Dance Academy Rotterdam. Since then she has been working as a professional contemporary dancer in several dance companies and teaching different kinds of dances. Lydia was one of the founders and teachers of Contact Zone Rotterdam. Together with Ezequiel Sanucci she got a scholarship to study professional tango in Buenos Aires among others with Dana Frigoli and Gustavo Naveira. Since 4 years Lydia is working intensively together with Ezequiel Sanucci, who has been researching since 2007 about the cross-over between Argentinean tango, Contemporary dance and Contact Improvisation. Because of their background they developed their own Contemporary Tango style and they make tango dance theater productions with their own dance company: Tango Danstheater / Ezequiel Sanucci. Lately Ezequiel choreographed the solo “Dancing with you” for Lydia. They also teach together Argentinien tango, Contemporary tango, partnering, contemporary dance, contact and improvisation workshops. Lydia’s quality in teaching is to guide the whole group into a journey of creativity, playfulness and enthusiasm.


Contact Tango embraces:
How can we find new possibilities to dance contact tango by using different kind of embraces. From sensitivity till playfulness, from the mosttraditional tango embraces to the most crazy ones.


Out of balance: 
Playing with the weight, being in- and off-balance and using it to move in and out of the floor. We will create Contact Tango colgadas and volcadas.

Adriana Pegorer

Born in Italy, where she competed as an athlete, she moved to the UK in 1995 and graduated in Dance & Related Arts at Chichester University in 2001.
Intensively trained with Thomas Kampe (Contact Improvisation), Masaki Iwana (butoh), Carlos Gavito (tango) she also took various workshops with Rick Nodine, K.J. Holmes, Deborah Hay, Pablo Veron and Katsura Kan amongst many others and in recent years trained mainly at Independent Dance (London).

Adriana Pegorer started to learn both Tango and Contact Improvisation in 1996 and taught her first workshop in the fusion of tango with Contact Improvisation in 1999 at the Islington Arts Centre (London). She gave TangoContact demos with Robert Anderson in 2003 in London (Dome, Creative Swing, Welsh Centre) and with Edwin Adkins in 2005 in New York. Two shows followed with Dylan Elmore and Winifred Burnet Smith (2006-2008). Tango Release was formed in 2009 with the aim to include also release based techniques principles  www.adagioconbrio.co.uk,

Claus Springborg

Claus has worked with dance since 1995 when he began studying modern ballet. He’s been studying tango since 1999 and CI since 2010. He has taught tango and CI in workshops and festivals in many countries across eastern and western Europe. Besides dance, Claus teaches meditation and is currently finalising a PhD in how to use art creation processes in education. In his teaching, he merges art, spirituality, and scientific research methodology. His style of teaching is highly experiential, relaxed, and humorous.

Tango Technique in CI

In these two workshops, we will extract the essence of various leading and following techniques from tango and apply them in the playful context of the CI jam. This will give CI dancers new techniques to play with and it will increase tango dancers familiarity with the techniques and spark innovation across different styles of tango.

Gabriele Koch (Wuppertal)

Gabriele Koch has been working for 15 years as a free-lance dancer, choreographer and teacher. She begun dancing Tango Argentino in 2003 and started teaching a combination she called Contango in 2006 in her area, Berlin and Moscow.

Her interest is in the communication between the dancers, the qualities of dancing and the depth of physical understanding, as well as the expression on stage. Gabriele is organizer of the 1st and 2nd festival of contact improvisation and tango in Wuppertal. www.dance-fields.de

Natascha Russo

started to dance Tango 1998 while studying professional acting. Spring 2012 she was founding together with 2tanz and leads since november 2012 regular weekly classes in Hamburg on her own. She´s using elements of contact improvisation to connect with the tangopartner in multiple ways.
The goal is to become one with the partner and the music while communicating in the improvisation. This is also the heart of her teaching. More about her in the vita:


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