danceperformances                                                                                                                                in the open field of the public worldat industrial monuments, buildings, nature and fascinating places and sometimes inside a theatre

danceperformances now and here: performances, which include the atmosphere and architecture, the audience, the always changing situation and the individuel freedom of the dancers in their interactive play

what was – what is still, the past, which forming the place, with the peolpe who´ve been there, smell, sound and noise

our history,we carry, a tiny idea, just born or a heavy thought, waiting to escape

whatever it is, maybe universell, that we understand,                                                         cause we are so similar we human beings

maybe a little seed, we can sow, a vieuw to open, a thought which turns to another new  idea which grows, a memory which stays, something beautiful, senseless, cause not to hold, timeless, fleeting, as we are

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